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About GROcala

Networking Small-Scale Farming

GROcala is a network for homesteading families. Within the group, families can buy/sell/trade/barter food and equipment. GROcala is also a hub where local farmers connect and share resources and needs. We are open to the community for helping source nutritional foods as well as offering workshops and hands-on activities that connect families and individuals to the land.

We are committed to sustainable farming and agricultural practices as we support the training and resourcing of young individuals to learn life, agricultural, trade, and business skills for the betterment of their lives and communities.

Services Offered

Services We offer

Farm Consultations
Homestead start-ups
Farm rescue & planning
Internships & student volunteer hours
Emergency preparedness & clean up
Group harvest events
Available By Appointment: Workshops on cattle handling & rearing, Milking, Cheesemaking, Poultry raising, Home-ground wheat, Canning, etc.

We sell Beef

Buy beef, raised right here in Marion County.

We sell beef! Many of our homesteaders raise cattle. We sell
beef by individual cuts and also in bulk by the mixed quarter
or half. Please email us if you are interested in learning more.


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Contact Us: Chris Hambelton - [email protected] - (352) 239-0919